Authentic Turkish Delight

We are manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of Authentic Turkish delight. We have several types of Traditional Turkish delight. Our products are first quality. Our porducts are manufactured by real sugar and real fruits. 
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The history of Turkish delight goes back more than 600 years. Turkish delight is one of our traditional tastes. Turkish delight has a sweet and flexible texture. In the seventeenth century, it was ordered to be produced softly by Abdulhamid the first who is the king of Ottoman Empire.

After the eighteenth century, it began to be recognized in Europe. In the following periods, it started to be known as Turkish Delight in the world. The jelly, which is frequently used in western kitchens, is also matched with the historical Turkish delight. Turkish delight is generally served with Turkish coffee. Authentic Turkish delight and coffee are indispensable two that are served to guests together. Due to the nutrients it contains, it is almost an energy store and an important food source. Varieties have been increased by producing different varieties over time.

There are many types of Turkish delight. The most preferred types are Turkish delight with pistachio and rose Turkish delight. In addition, there are varieties of pomegranate turkish delight, hazelnut turkish delight, coconut delight and fruit delight.

It is produced by using starch and sugar. It is in the group of carbohydrates, which is an important building block for the human body. It is burned in the body in a short time after consumption. For this reason, it is not recommended by experts to consume more than needed. It is a delightful dessert as long as the amount to be consumed is paid attention to.

Turkish delight is a dessert preferred in all important days during and after the Ottoman Empire. It is served on holidays, mawlutes, asking for a girl, engagement and marriage ceremonies and on special occasions. When people go to visit each other, they gift Turkish delight. It is also kept at workplaces and offices to be served to customers.


whatsapp:+90 533 2460404




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